About The Payton Family

Did You Know

- Maria was found by a lake/river on or near the Payton's farm. She was just a little baby and the family took her in. Later she married one of the sons and became Maria Payton. And the rest is history.

The 100 Mile Club

- Annie Catherine (Say) was 106 when she passed away in 1976

- Louise Williams (Daughter) changed her name from Louevina to Louise. She took her first flight when she was 90 yrs old. Louise was 111 years old when she passed in 2011.

- Sara Smothers was 100+ when she passed ??


- A lot of hours were invested in retrieving information from official Census Records. However, there may be some discrepancies in spelling of names, dates of birth etc. If you have any written documents that can help with correcting these mistakes, please forward a copy to one of our contacts. Thank you for your patience!
- Mariah vs Maria  
- Elasco vs Elascor.


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